1- Where do we have to go to make the descent of the Sella by canoe?

To start the activity you must come to our activity base located in Venancio Pando Square Nº2 (TOWN HALL SQUARE) under. 33540 Arriondas –Asturias.

2- What is in the Zenit Experiences offices? 

In our offices there are changing rooms with hot showers, WC toilets, also lockers to leave your belongings and the reception.

3- Where can I park my car?

Our company does not have private parking. In the same square where we are, there are free parking spaces, but it has few spaces and it is likely to be full. The best option to park near our office is to take the first street on the right as you pass the entrance bridge to the town of Arriondas (bridge over the Sella River). There is a large free parking and you are only 150 meters from the office.

4- What material does the company provide?

The company provides the canoe, paddle for the canoe, the life jacket, a waterproof drum to store belongings, the picnic and a wetsuit if necessary.

5- What do I have to do to carry out the activity?

The most important thing is that you bring comfortable clothes that can get wet (swimming trunks, bikini or sportswear), comfortable footwear and subject to the foot, a towel, clothes to change at the end of the activity, hat and sun cream for the sunniest days; and sunglasses with tape to hold them.

6- Can I bring my camera and mobile to the activity?

Yes, it is most recommended that the camera be aquatic and that you always carry your mobile in a waterproof case so that it is well protected (if you do not have one you can buy it at Zenit Experiences, and the most important thing is to follow the instructions on how to close the properly sealed drum so that no water gets into it.

7- Do I need to have previous experience?

No, this activity is suitable for all audiences and does not require great physical capacity or experience.

8- What is the depth of the river? 

During the 16 kilometer journey, there are several deep salmon wells, although most of the journey the depth is less than 1 meter. Therefore, the river is not dangerous but to do the descent it is mandatory to KNOW TO SWIM, in addition to using the life jacket that the company provides.

9- If it rains, can you do the activity?

Yes, the activity is not suspended due to rain. With our long-sleeved wetsuits you won’t be cold.

10- Can I bring my pet?

Yes, of course, pets at Zenit Experiences are welcome. We have free life jackets for them.

11- What is the minimum age to descend?

The minimum age is 5 years and it is mandatory to know how to swim.

12- What are canoes like? Are there different places?

Canoes are 1, 2 or 3 places. The 1-seater ones are for completing odd groups or individual reservations and the 3-seater ones are ideal for two adults and a small child. All our canoes have an ergonomic backrest.


13- What does the picnic consist of? There are different types?

Our picnic consists of a cold cut sandwich, a sweet, a fruit, a bottle of water and chewing gum.

We also have special picnic for vegetarians and gluten intolerant (under reservation). And for the little ones, a chocolate sandwich (under reservation).

14- Can I have my picnic at home?

Yes of course. You only have to indicate it when you make the reservation and 2 € will be deducted from the rate.

15- Should I reserve a place?

It is recommended, since places are usually completed. Making the reservation is free, the entire day of the activity would be paid.

16- Can you pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by card or in cash. You also have an ATM in front of our offices. RIVER SELLA IN CANOA

17- Is there a time limit to start and end the activity?

Yes, departures are always in the morning from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. And the river is navigable until 6:00 p.m.

18- How long does the activity last?

It depends on which route you want to do. There are three stops; the first at 8km (2 hours), the second at 12km (3 hours) and the last at 16km (4 hours).

19- Do I have to choose the route that I want to do before starting the activity?

No, it is not necessary. You can decide on the go, since the monitors will be waiting at the stops.

20- What can I do in the river?

You will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, stop to rest on the many river beaches there are, bathe in the river. You will also find several beach bars on the banks where you can stop to eat and have a drink.

21- How do I return to the starting point?

The collections are in charge of our monitors in our company vehicles. At any of the three stops they pick you up and bring you back to the office.

22- Is there any insurance that covers the activity?

Yes, we have civil liability insurance. 

23- Is there any type of discount? 

The company Zenit Experiences has a 10% discount for both students and large families (Always presenting a pass). Discount not applicable to the rate for children under 15 years.

24- How much does the activity cost me? Is there a group discount?

Our rates are:

€ 20 adults

€ 15 under 15 years

More than 6 people: € 18 per person

More than 15 people: € 16 per person

25- What can I do when the activity ends?

If you start the activity at 11: 00h you will end more or less at 15: 00-16: 00, so you can take advantage of what remains of the day. 10 minutes from Arriondas is Cangas de Onís or if you prefer to get to know the coast, 20 minutes is Ribadesella. RIVER SELLA IN CANOA

You can also do another activity in the afternoon, such as horse riding or a tree adventure park.

Reservations on the phone: 646 47 71 72

Descenso del Río Sella en canoa. Si quieres información o reserva, escríbenos.

Reservas por WhatsApp:

646 47 71 72